Reasons of the Arid Aria Formation in Turkey and the Necessary Measure Applications

Sukru Dursun, Ramazan Acar


Desertification means land degradation in arid, semi-arid and dry sub-humid areas resulting from various factors, including climatic variations and human activities. That is degraded sustainability of the original natural ecological functions affected by the natural events and/or due to human activities and/or the appropriate economic functions. Desertification possibility in Turkey may occur because of:

-Natural causes; soil erosion, decline of the soil productivity and quality, climatically changes of the region.

-Technical reasons; deforestation, failure to comply with rules range management, affected hydrological structure by artificially, stubble burning, mistakes in agricultural land management, unplanned irrigation, use of agriculture and forest areas other than purposes, soil pollution, the physical and chemical degradation of land.

-Socio-economic factors, administrative and legal causes, immigration, lack of the education and legislation.

Some measures to avoid desert occurrence are agricultural activity must not applied at high erosion risk places, and use of these type places for pasture or forest area, preventing the wrong agricultural applications and damage prevention of pasture areas, forest destruction and fires prevention and acceleration of reforestation, protection of water resources and as a result, environmentally compatible development and planning of lad use must be done. In this study, which is available properties to become one of the place in the desert characteristic and still desert features containing areas that have in the Konya Closed Basin have been investigated. Available the desert areas in the study area properties in the direction of improvement and recovery measures are being examined and some measure rules have been put forward for the desert becoming available and the recovery of these types of fields. 

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