A Step for Environmentalism and Sustainable Development: Landfill Gas to Energy

Ferhat Karaca


The use of biogas as a part of energy source is a practice only recently introduced in the last decades. On the other hand, a main component of biogas, which is methane, is located at the top of the most dangerous green house gases list for the earth atmosphere. Methane itself has 21 times higher green house effect potential than carbon dioxide molecules. This also brings a necessity to control methane before emitting into the atmosphere. In relation to policies implementation, developed countries consider the usage of biogas in energy production by combustion as a part of environmentalism and sustainable development. By this way, methane can be converted to less environmentally harmful components and certain amount of clean energy can be obtained. In literature, a common interpretation was noticed that the collection and destruction of landfill methane meets the criteria for greenhouse gas emissions credits. In this study the amount of biogas generated by the Odayeri Landfill area of Istanbul, Turkey is estimated using EPA model (Landfill Gas Emissions Model - LandGEM). We used site specific data to estimate possible emissions than the obtained results were compared with the amount of biogas collected during onsite applications. Finally energy production potential per tons of municipal waste was calculated. 

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